Recent catastrophe’s demonstrated that preventative measures can be compromised exploiting today’s infrastructure vulnerabilities, particularly regional infrastructure interdependencies. Companies may take a prudent approach to security — conducting threat and vulnerability assessments, undertaking mitigation measures, and assessments and training — and yet remain acutely vulnerable because of limited understanding of interdependencies, unprepared for regional disruptions that will become the norm in an increasingly interconnected world. Organizations may not be a direct target of attack or disaster and yet still be significantly impacted.
Many of the tools used today provide pieces of infrastructure information but they do not provide a full picture of linkages across, between, and among infrastructures. The Security Board has tailored an assessment designed specifically to identify these linkages as they pertain to individual client’s Base of business. The assessment will identify what needs to be done to enhance preparedness, reliability and provide critical infrastructure visibility. The study objective is to provide solid evidence to pursue changes (opening eyes), and provide the visual view needed for future location/decision/planning for critical assets.


1) Help you understand the problem you face and most likely are unaware of.
2) Develop an approach to continually enhance your resilience and fix the problem.