Leading Edge Technology

Know the trends before they start. Members periodically receive state-of-the-art software and hardware provided by vendors. In addition to independently applying new technology, the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) sponsors roundtable discussions where specific topics are discussed and debated.


The Regional Advisory Council consists exclusively of C-Level Risk Management executives (e.g. CISO, CSO, CIO, COO, CTO, etc…). Although other individuals from member organizations are welcome to attend select events, active participation is reserved for the C-level.

The RAC Monthly Meetings

The Regional Advisory Council monthly meetings consist of the status of program to date and recent issues that the members have identified as concerns to be addressed. The forum is a physical meeting every other month with a web-ex on the offsetting month. These meetings are planned around with the technology members.

The CEO Speaker Program

Included with membership are invitations to hear well-known CEO’s from technology solution providers whose solutions focus on Regional Business Resilience. The CEO Speaker program will be incorporated into the Monthly meetings mentioned above.

Pilot Projects

Through pilot projects with major vendors and system integrators, RAC members gain valuable insight into new technology and get hands-on use cutting edge technology for business applications. Current projects include the RAC Portal, Regional Reconstitution Center.

Corporate Resilience Center & Center of Excellence/Best Practices

The Corporate Resilience Center—Center of Excellence & Best Practices Initiative seeks to develop an aggressive program to retool the IT workforce. Its objective is to provide the highest quality education for C-level executives on Corporate Resilience at the regional level. The intent is to identify major skill areas and a model program and certification process for Business Resilience. We are relying on the membership to keep constant vigil over those skills the workforce requires to sustain maximum Business Operations Resilience.

Test Bed

This project continues an initiative to determine that technology “Best of Breed” for corporate regional resilience. There will be a physical test bed to be located at the Regional Reconstitution Centers as well as a Virtual Test Bed.