Regional Advisory Council (RAC) Responsibilities

Participate in quarterly meetings that will assist:

1. In resilience preparation of the region,

2. With development of public/private requirements-based information sharing model ,

3. In creation of countries first Corporate Resilience Center 

With stewardship of the region private/public toward enhancing the resilience and providing the mechanism necessary for adequate requirements based information sharing

Collaborate with other members on insight across industry on process/techniques to enhance the regional critical infrastructure resilience as well as enhance all  businesses critical infrastructure dependencies 

Participate in regional Critical Infrastructure assessment

Involvement in development of a common approach for information gathering relative to regional corporate interdependencies on critical infrastructure operations and related single points of failure to which these corporations have been and remain vulnerable.

Involvement in the development of a regional, “All Hazards” requirements based, private/public Information Sharing process

Participate in development of approach for trusted regional sharing/access of corporate critical business assets required for response to “all-hazards” events.

With participating corporations, develop a self-sustainable approach to enhance continual regional/corporate investment in Critical Infrastructure Resilience as well as resources necessary to manage the supporting requirements-based information sharing processes. 

Within this framework assist in development of a “Critical Infrastructure Resilience Index (CIRI)” that allows corporations across the region to immediately calibrate their exposures and consequence thus allowing for more prudent and more immediate corporate investment in their Region’s (e.g. Great Lakes) CIR requirements.

Participate in development of an approach for a state and regional alert and warning system that is integrated with regional corporate business continuity/disaster preparedness and recovery programs.

Development and use of a business portal dashboard that will trigger into action your business continuity planning with

1. Early warning code status

2. Multi code levels to get staff deployed before crisis

Two way communications with intelligence officials

Participate in pilots/projects that will expand dashboard capabilities

Attend information exchanges that capture best practices/lessons learned for your company

Involvement in development of countries first private/public business reconstitution site

Awareness  of cross Industry resiliency findings for use in better ensuring your business continuity

Understanding of local Emergency Management plans

Involvement in evolution of preparation for 2016 Olympic Games

Test Bed Responsibilities:

Identify those vendors (Best of Breed) with solutions that address corporate/government regional resilience needs

Peer review of technology/solution concept development>

Assist with pilot identification, development and implementation

Involvement in the evolution of a market alignment with Business Continuity through enhanced Regional Resilience 

Understanding of what the regions resilience issues are relative to critical infrastructure “single points of failure”

Involvement in solutions development for requirements based  private/public “All Hazards” Information Sharing needs